Karin Van Batenburg

Mrs. Karin Van Batenburg, Senior Claims Advisor Marsh & McLennan Marine & Cargo Insurance Practice, Antwerp

  • Heating and other damage to grains and by-products during transit and storage.

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Karin Van Batenburg has a Master’s degree in Law and a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Antwerp. She started her career as Counsel at the Antwerp Bar where she acquired a broad experience while working on numerous litigation cases (specialty :civil liability, contractual and tort liabilities as well as general merchant law). After a couple of years she left the Bar to specialize in the marine insurance and started working at a local broker. In 1998 she joined Allianz Belgium where she became Claims Manager and was responsible for the settlement of all the marine insurance claim files mainly cargo and CMR. For many years she was a member and finally President of the technical department CMR/Logistics of the Professional Association of the Belgian Transport Insurers where she had an advisory role. She joined in 2012 Marsh BeLux as Senior Claims Advisor. She has gained a broad experience in Marine Cargo Claims handling and liability claims but also recently deals with Hull claims. She has assisted in the accomplishment of many successful resolutions in high profile cases.